Who says so, besides you..?



"I have known Kate for almost 30 years.

Over this time period we have competed for roles, collaborated and teamed together on various projects, worked as peers on the same team, and have become long-term personal friends.

She is driven by a strong intellect, a huge desire to learn, inclusive nature, competitive spirit, and a desire to accomplish substantial goals. At the same time she has strong family values and has been able to do it all.

I strongly recommend her."

-Darren Huxol-

"I have been blessed to know Kate for 40 years through our shared home town, high-school, and into our adult lives.

She has been a pillar in her community in spite of the hardships she has had to overcome.

In this very unpredictable world, Kate continues to exude integrity, professionalism, and the strongest moral character of any individual I know.
She is extremely responsive, compassionate, and highly knowledgeable.

If you are looking for an appraiser that will provide honesty, transparency, and timeliness, Connolly Appraisals is, without question, the firm you need to engage."

-Dina McKenna-